MAY 2020 – VIDEO 30 minute CORE FUSION with Hana Weinwurm and the IMPACT MAGAZINE:

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APRIL 2020 – Total Body WOrkout in 30 Minutes with Hana

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March 2020 – Featured in March/April Impact Magazine 2020

January 2020 – Canada’s Top Fitness Trainers 2020 – IMPACT MAGAZINE

Hana has been recognized as one of CANADA’S TOP FITNESS TRAINERS 2020 in the IMPACT MAGAZINE:
Top 10 in BC, Top 30 in all of Canada

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Brief Intro Video

45 Minute Beginners YSCULPT Class

45 Minute Intermediate YSCULPT Class

October 2019 – International Council On Active Aging Conference – Leadership Summit and Expo 2019

September 2019 – The Movement Tour, San Diego, California

June 2019 – CTV Vancouver @ Downtown Yyoga

A fun and athletic evening with Team CTV Vancouver @ Downtown Yyoga 💪 💦 🔥 ❤🚲
A Great Team and a sweaty fun ride 👌

Best workout ever on the Greek Island Santorini

SANTORINI is one of the most beautiful, unique and spectacular places to travel and workout.

Whenever I travel, I make sure to pack a few exercise tools with me so I can maintain my fitness conditioning.In every new destination I get to be creative and use what is available to me and improvise a workout routine.

Working out while traveling can be a challenge sometimes but many times it can be the most memorable experience.

Thank you Aris Georgiopoulos for capturing the experience and creating this video.

Having fun being a Lole Girl Ambassador and shopping
at the newest Lole South Granville, Vancouver store 👧 ❤️ 🧘‍♀️


Snakes and Ladders YFIT in Vancouver


TRX Personal Training in Greece

TRX Workout in Greece

Suspension Training at Fascial Association in Vancouver

Hawaii TRX Suspension Training

Hawaii Yoga


Functionally Fit – Tuesday nights with Hana

Hana on CTV Vancouver News

– Yoga for Cold and Flu Season –

Hawaii Athletic Training


Global News – Celebrating International Yoga Day

McArthur Glen and the Lole White Tour on the Road Broadcast

Celebrating peace and harmony at Community organized yoga sessions. In Vancouver, over 400 yogis gathered at McArthur Glen on Canada Day dressed in white from head to toe as a symbol of peace for the mass outdoor yoga event.

DreamTalks with Hana – The Future of Fitness

Body Energy Club Ambassador

Congratulations to Hana Weinwurm our 6-month winner for most referrals.

Hana is a delight to be around. She is full of inspiration, and is helping people reach their fitness potential. Here is what Hana had to say about what she does;

“Movement and Exercise have been a big part of my journey since I have been born it seems. It’s what I did to spark my creativity, to connect with myself, to get inspired and to shake off some stress. It has been such a big part of my life that no matter where my life took me around the world, my first priority was to make sure I would be able to move. In many ways it may have been an obsession or a bit extreme, but for me it kept me grounded, more in line and connected to a part of who I identified with. For years, movement and exercise has been a part of my decisions around my career, the friends that came into my life and the places I chose to live.

We all have something that guides us and drives us and teaches us, for me it’s movement.

Today, I continue to thrive in the expression in motion and notice how much it has shaped me over the years inside and out. My movement choices and exercise evolve with time and I am learning to accept and adapt to the changes. Sometimes I push and sometimes I surrender. Surrender seems to be kinder on me lately😊
Today more than ever I realize my gift to share in the world is to inspire movement and to help those who know me and meet me to remember that the body is designed to move.
My body and my movement has changed over the years and more than ever I am learning, listening and accepting the changes.

I wish for all beings to embrace their body and their movement and to remember that the body is designed to be in motion, kind, loving and respectful.
Enjoy your bodies everyone and dance your dance of movement❤️✨

Thank you Hana for all your support.

-Body Energy Club 2016


YYoga Indoor Cycling Workshop


Gymstick Workout – Featured in the Georgia Straight